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The Mad Money Coupon Book is the preferred direct-mail advertising company in Fort Wayne, IN, offering an inexpensive, mailed, saturation advertising solution for local businesses. We produce bottom-line results by reaching the local consumer via the mailbox. The Mad Money Coupon Book is distributed ten times per year through the United States Postal Service. Each issue is mailed to over 120,000 households in the Fort Wayne area.

Business Owners & Professionals: Call or e-mail us today! Let us show you measurable results we can generate for your business. Because every home has a mailbox, the chance of getting your advertising message in the hands of current and prospective customers is far greater through our publication. We streamline the advertising process by designing, printing and mailing your ad for less than a penny per home!

Mad Money Coupon Book
6315 Mutual Dr, #A
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Phone: 260-485-6633
Fax: 888-206-4054