Ad & Imaging Specifications

Ad Size 7.5" x 4.5" Final Trimmed Size 8.25" x 5.125" Bleeds The bleed must extend .25" outside the trim area. File Format Acrobat PDF Font Format

  • All fonts and graphics must be embedded
  • Minimum font size 5 pt.
  • Do not use the style menu to change fonts, please use the actual typeface in bold, italic, or bold italic.

Picture & Graphic Formats

  • All four color graphics or pictures need to be set up in CMYK
  • All spot color graphics or pictures need to be set up in Black and Magenta
  • Graphics and pictures supplied should be in TIFF or EPS format
  • When saving a TIFF file, do not use LZW compression
  • Do not use JPEG or EPS file with JPEG preview,

Scans It is recommended to submit all scans in the original photo format (no negatives). Halftones or printed pieces may result in poor quality. Line art should be supplied on a solid background, preferably white. When scanning an image to submit please scan all photos in at 300 dpi or line art at 600 dpi. Any artwork turned in at 72 dpi must be 4 times larger than its final printed size. Submitting Files Submit PDF on CD, preferably with a printed proof. We can accept digitally transmitted files, but because of the size of most graphics files, please call or e-mail first to determine file size. Image Resolution A caution regarding images from digital cameras or pictures from a website. The image, size, resolution, and quality is fine when viewed on screen, but these images are not typically usable for high end printing production. If the website has a separate area for downloading higher resolution images, this would be acceptable. Also, continuous tone images must be in CMYK only. The required resolution for Mad Money is 150dpi at 100% (if an image resolution is 72dpi it needs to be at least 4 times larger than the final printed size).