Coupon Facts

Why Direct Mail?

More money is invested in direct mail advertising than
is spent on any other single advertising medium, including television.

An Investment, Not An Expense!

No advertising medium is more effective at generating new customers and increasing business.
86.5% open direct mail advertisements!
72.5% frequently or occasionally use direct mail advertisements to buy products and services.
Consumers go to their mailbox every day.
According to the U.S. Postal Service,
74% of Americans immediately read
or look at advertising they receive in the mail.

Why coupons?

94% of all consumers like and use coupons!
94% of all consumers use direct mail coupons!
40% of all consumers receiving coupons share
unused coupons with relatives or friends!

Over two billion coupons were redeemed last year!

source: Frankel & Co., A.C. Neilson and Research Advantage, Inc.


An industry survey found that:

83% of all women use coupons.
57% of all men use coupons.
source: A.C. Neilson and the University of Minnesota